The new Fox Transfer dropper post is smoother than ever, easier to service, and comes with a massive 240mm drop

Fox Transfer 2025 render
(Image credit: Fox)

Fox has completely redesigned its Transfer dropper post. The new Transfer has new internals, more tunability, and a massive max drop of 240mm. 

The Transfer has been around for ages with a few iterative updates to lengths, seat clamps, and dropper levers. To develop its best dropper post to date, Fox has completely redesigned the guts of the Transfer to increase durability, reduce air loss by a claimed 62 percent, and give the new Transfer a smoother action.

Fox has ditched the two dynamic air shaft seals and the new static sealing is said to reduce friction and airlose. The air chamber is now positioned at the top of the post, separate from the oil chamber to avoid mixing. Oil sealing has also been doubled to help keep the oil on the inside and is combined with new metal-backed Ekonol bushings to give the Transfer a 300-hour full-service interval. 

Fox Transfer 2025 seal detail render

New bushing package mounted in the lower post, rather than the collar, is designed to reduce friction and slop (Image credit: Fox)

Tuneabliity has also been improved giving riders more options to adjust the dropper to their preferred performance. The new two-bolt low-stack head features a Schrader valve that allows the rider to tune the return speed of their post using a shock pump. For fine-tuning saddle height and drop the Transfer offers 5mm increments of tool-free travel adjustment and is available in travel ranges of 95-120mm, 125mm-150mm, 155-180mm, and 215-240mm. The new 240mm option means the Transfer is now one of the longest dropper posts around, alongside the OneUp Components V3.

The Transfer Performance Elite post comes in black or there is Fox's trademark Kashima finish, which is reserved for the Transfer Factory post. The Transfer comes in three seat tube diameters; 30.9 / 31.6 / 34.9mm.

The Factory Series droppers will cost $339 / CAD $449 / €449 and the Performance Series Elite will retail for $289 / CAD $389 / €369. We'll confirm UK pricing as soon as we have it.

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