WTB finally launches a tubeless tire sealant for its TCS tires and rims

tubeless sealant
Don’t like latex? This WTB TCS sealant is for you (Image credit: WTB)

WTB has just launched its TCS Tubeless Tire Sealant, designed specifically for its Tubeless Compatible System (TCS) products. 

Despite being one of mountain biking’s original tire brands with its own TCS tire and rim combinations proving popular over the years, up until now users of this system had to rely on other brands' sealant to keep it running. Finally, WTB's TCS sealant is here.

Two years of product development and chemistry have delivered a sealant that claims to be different from the norm, and the TCS Tubeless Tire Sealant will no doubt duke it out against the best tubeless tire sealants for mountain bikes

So what makes it different? Most tire sealants use ammonia, but in a world where environmental concerns are more prominent and mountain bikers are thinking of their chemical and CO2 footprint, ammonia might not be ideal anymore. WTB’s answer has been the transition to an alternative with its new tire sealant, formulated from synthetic latex that uses crystalline fiber properties within the liquid to seal punctures.

The benefits are both environmental and ethical.  An ammonia-free formulation with synthetic latex will appease those who want a slightly less toxic tire sealant to work with. Meanwhile in wetter riding geographies, ammonia-based sealant formulations can struggle to seal holes effectively, using pure evaporative fluid dynamics.

How good is it at keeping you rolling along? WTB claims this new tire sealant will plug a 6mm hole if you have gone off-piste a bit or pinged that rock or root chute with too much enthusiasm. 

WTB’s TCS Tubeless Tire Sealant is available in four unit sizes: 118ml, 235ml, 473ml, and 946ml. The fluid to tire size casing chart shows WTB recommends 100-140ml for 2.0-2.5in, covering the entire spectrum from XC to the best downhill mountain bikes. If you plan to use the new WTB sealant this winter, to crunch some snow with your fat bike, 140-200ml should be ideal for 2.6-4.0in casing width tires.

WTB will sell its TCS Tubeless Tire Sealant starting at $6.95 for the smallest 118ml size and, if you are stocking up your home workshop, the 946ml size will sell for $27.95. Sealant will be available in North America and Europe in December this year.

Lance Branquinho
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