Peaty’s Link Lube Premium All Weather review – the best chain lube available?

Does Peaty’s Products fanciest lube deliver on it’s super clean, super smooth but easy to use promise?

A bottle of Peaty’s Link Lube Premium All Weather lube
(Image: © Rich Owen)

BikePerfect Verdict

Peaty’s Premium lube is an outstanding chain cleaning, drivetrain smoothing and efficiency/longevity boosting mix. It does need with regular application though and it contains environmentally harmful PTFE.


  • +

    Very clean and quiet running

  • +

    30% more durable than standard Peaty’s All Weather

  • +

    Actually cleans the chain when applied

  • +

    Doesn’t need long winded, day before application

  • +

    Excellent applicator bottle


  • -

    Contains PTFE – a 'forever chemical'

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We’re already big fans of Peaty’s Wet, Dry and All Weather Link Lubes at Bike Perfect, but the Link Lube Premium All Weather might be the best mountain bike and gravel lube I’ve used. It's impressed right from the neat and easy to use applicator bottle to how it’s held up from epic days in the Moroccan deserts to sleet storms in Snowdonia, and while it's not cheap, I reckon it's well worth the money.

Peatys All Weather Premium both bottle sizes

Premium lube comes in two sizes – 120ml or 60ml – but accurate delivery and durability means even the smaller bottle lasts a decent time (Image credit: GuyKesTV)

Design and technology

As the name suggests, Link Lube Premium All Weather takes the same concept of mixing lubricating waxes and oils in a corrosion inhibiting, filth shifting carrier oil but “dials the quality of the ingredients up to 11”. Peaty’s didn’t want to give up much more information than that on their secret mix when we asked them but they confirmed there’s some very expensive additives in there including ‘non toxic nano particles’. What we can tell you is that it’s milky while in appearance and while shaking is always advised before you use it, it doesn’t separate as quickly as their Dry or All Weather lubes. It gets the same faint ‘minty’ scent as All Weather though which gives lubing your bike a slightly more refreshing, dentistry vibe than a normal oil.

However, in a later chat with editor Rich, Peaty's told us that both the Link Lube Premium All Weather and the standard All Weather use a small amount of PTFE (a fluorocarbon pollutant that doesn't breakdown in the environment) to help bind the wax and grease mix together and minimize noise and dirt attraction. That said, PTFE is not an uncommon element in many rival chain lubes and Peaty's are on the hunt for a fluorocarbon-free formulation that gives the same level of performance. The rest of the Link Lube range is free from such 'forever chemicals'.

The bottle itself is well worth comment as the clear nozzle twists up and down around the rounded center pin to let you gauge drip speed really accurately. The fact you can see it filling the nozzle before it drips means you don’t waste any when it gushes out without warning. The rounded pin also helps the nozzle bounce along the chain links, automatically delivering a drop onto each link as you rotate the chain. 

Peatys All Weather Premium nozzle detail

Clear screw top nozzle makes application easy and the wax/oil mix doesn't need any special set up either (Image credit: GuyKesTV)


Not only is the applicator bottle really easy to use but the Link Lube Premium All Weather is really easy to use as a mixture. While Peaty’s say you should fully clean and degrease your chain before application and that’s certainly when it works best, it still works surprising well if you haven’t got the facilities to freshen up your drivetrain. That’s because the carrier oil base not only penetrates in really well but it also noticeably lifts any hidden crap out from the depths of your rollers and plates and brings it to the surface. That can be confusing first as it makes the chain look like it’s collecting filth, but wipe the dirt off the chain and you’ll be able to feel the clean, wait smoothness left behind.

That lubricating layer lasts a surprisingly long time even in extreme conditions such as arid desert micro dust or relentless trails into rivers downpours at around freezing point. In both those situations it stayed impressively clean and squeak/grind free right to the end of long days. While lubing ready for the next day is the optimum for smooth performance, when we deliberately left it overnight after a hard day it still ran quietly and silkily in the morning. 

While a thick, oily mix might last longer, the fact the chain runs so clean and clear means it’s not dragging dirt and silica around the rest of your transmission so the whole set up feels smoother and quieter. That also means the durability of anything the chain touches is improved as well so while initial price is quite high think of it as an investment in the lifespan of your whole drivetrain. While the 120ml bottle is obviously the best value, the 60ml is a great packable option for multi day/multi rider missions. 

Peatys All Weather Premium being applied to a chain

It's always best to clean your chain before lubing but Peaty's Premium will shift out embedded filth even if you have to apply it to a dirty chain (Image credit: GuyKesTV)


Peaty's Link Lube Premium splits the difference between durable but dirty, sticky lubes, and ultra clean but awkward to apply wax lubes and comes in a really good applicator bottle. The result is a super easy to use, chain cleaning, performance smoothing and efficiency/durability boosting lube, but it does come at slightly higher environmental cost than some other lubes. If you want to ride as eco-friendly as possible though, the Link Lube Dry and Wet options are completely biodegradable and free from PTFE or any other fluorocarbon chemicals.

  • Price: $14.99, $24.99 / £11.99, £19.99 / €13.99, €22.99
  • Sizes: 60ml or 120ml
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