POC Ora Clarity goggles review

Goggles from the Swedish subtle safety specialists, do they live up to their Clarity call card?

POC Ora Clarity goggles review
(Image: © Dean Hersey)

BikePerfect Verdict

The pick for trail riders demanding more protection than glasses offer


  • +

    Impressive venting

  • +

    Wide field of view

  • +

    Perfect clarity of Carl Zeiss lens


  • -

    Lacks the versatility to support tear-offs out of the box

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The POC Ora goggles are designed specifically for mountain biking and are available with a few different options depending on your intended use. Whilst all of the goggles look very similar there are subtle differences. 

The goggles on the test here are the top-spec Clarity lens version. Maximum ventilation and breathability are some of the key features demanded from the best mountain bike goggles when trail riding, so POC has removed the foam in the vents. The entry-level Ora model has the same foamless frame but uses a neutral tint lens. The DH model has foam in the frame vents for maximum protection and posts for tear-offs.  

POC Ora Clarity goggles placed on a flat stone surface

Our test sample came with Clarity Brown lenses (Image credit: Dean Hersey)

Design and aesthetics

The frame shape and curve are designed to fit both POC's Coron full-face and the Tectal trail helmets. The Ora has an optimum amount of frame flexibility that is paired with twin beads of silicone on a 4.5cm adjustable strap and a triple layer of face foam to enhance the fit and comfort.  

POC collaborated with optical industry leaders Carl Zeiss to develop the lens used in the complete model range. The lens I tested here is the Clarity Brown with the S1 filter. With 49 percent light transmission, it is designed for weak sunlight or overcast conditions. POC and Zeiss developed the Ora to use a twin layer or double glazing approach with this goggle. 

The POC Ora Clarity is available in three matte colors - a pastel green, grey and black as seen here - and they are supplied with a recycled polyester bag. 

The Swedish company is not punting MX goggles for you to squeeze into your mountain bike helmet. With a weight of 148g, these are considerably slimmed down compared to full spec DH or MX level protection of other goggles. This model is not aimed at the out and out downhill racer and you will need to buy the DH replacement lens if you want to run tear-offs, bumping the cost beyond the $100 / £100 mark. Further denoting the intended purpose, don't expect a roll-off attachment or a nose guard like with MX goggles, although POC does offer a roll-off lens for $50 / £50.

POC Ora Clarity goggles worn with a full-face helmet

Unlike some large MX goggles, the MTB specific Ora fit well with mountain bike helmets (Image credit: Dean Hersey)


The frame has a tight curve so it might not be to everyone's head shape, I found that Ora's ergonomics are very comfortable and amongst the best fitting goggles that I have tested. They remained securely in place to offer a wide and unobstructed view and importantly the matte black frame color means there is no distracting reflection on the inside of the goggles. 

At first, I was concerned that fine trail debris may sneak its way into the frame but that was soon quashed once I hit the trails. The open vents on the top, bottom and side keep the lens free of condensation even when worn with a full-face helmet. 

The Zeiss lens enhances the contrast impressively well and offers great clarity as the name suggests giving you that high-definition experience on the trail. The subtle tint in the lens worked well amongst the trees. I think this is the best compromise of tint for all-round riding in everything from overcast to bright blue sky days, but you’ll be wanting to swap it out for a clear lens if you intend on riding past sunset.  

POC Ora Clarity goggles placed on a flat stone surface showing the ventilation holes on the top of the frames

There's no foam to restrict ventilation and increase the chance of fogging (Image credit: Dean Hersey)


I prefer the subtle approach of this goggle over the racy MX styling for trail riding. POC has done an incredible job balancing the main attributes whilst offering up a perfect solution to eye protection for trail and enduro riders. The comfortable and wide frame gives an unobstructed field of view, the double glazed lens from Zeiss boosts optical clarity and allows an improved level of protection over glasses. All this and the POC Ora Clarity still delivers zero fogging even whilst panting away on the climbs.  

Tech Specs: POC Ora Goggles

  • Colors: 3
  • Price: $90.00 / £80.00
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