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Marzocchi Bomber Z2
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The Marzocchi Bomber is an iconic name in mountain bike fork design. Originally launched back in 1997, the Bomber set new standards for the performance of the best mountain bike forks. Fox now owns Marzocchi, but its design and testing functions remain in Italy.

When the Bomber was revived with its Z2 model in 2019, it returned an old favorite, with contemporary technology. Beyond its bright red lowers and distinguishing fork arch shape, the Bomber Z2 is designed for trail and enduro riding.

It uses 34mm stanchions, which are a bit smaller than you would expect for a trail or enduro fork, and the travel stroke tops out at 150mm, instead of 170/180mm, like some of its rivals.

Marzocchi offers a range of travel options with the Bomber Z2. From 100-, 120-, and 130mm Bomber Z2s for downcountry bikes, to 140- and 150mm travel stroke lengths for hardcore trail or enduro-lite riding. A note about the travel options. The Bomber Z2 is 29er-specific in the 100-130mm range, and 27.5-inch only at 140- or 150mm of travel. To create the ideal steering response across that spectrum of fork travel, there are both 44- and 51mm offsets to choose from, depending on your wheel size requirements.

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Marzocchi is all about ideal damping balance on those technical descents: absorbing the big hits, without triggering fork dive in faster corners. The Bomber Z2 features a semi open-bath damper, with an air-sprung rebound.

External adjustments tally low-speed compression, with a simple damping dial switching between ‘open’ and ‘firm’. The Z2’s adjustments are simple. The fork’s performance relies on its inherently appropriate damper performance, instead of giving the rider an abundance of indexing clicks, often resulting in incorrectly configured fork set-up.

Riders who require a bit more bottom-out resistance or firmer platform damping, without having to add too much air and mess with the sag numbers, can use volume spacers.

One thing to remember with the Bomber Z2 is its 160mm brake mount, which is a touch smaller than most riders would use. You’ll need to fit an adaptor to fit 180mm rotors (or anything larger), which are the default for most trail and enduro riders.

If the signature red lowers don’t match your frame or build colorway, there is a black option, too. 

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