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MTB helmet sale: Today's best deals on mountain bike helmets

MTB helmet sale
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The role of a helmet is to keep a rider safe and, as a vital layer of protection against the hard unmoveable ground, finding one that is right for you and the type of riding you enjoy is imperative. 

The best mountain bike helmets are continually evolving, from retention to ventilation plus the addition and increased sophistication of rotational protection systems such as MIPS. These features increase rider comfort and safety so that you have a better time on the trail. It is also important to remember that even if your old helmet is still serving you well it may still need to be replaced. Helmets have a shelf life and while manufacturers provide their own advice it's generally accepted that a helmet should be replaced every 3-5 years based on use as the safety and integrity of the helmet degrades over time.

Luckily for you, Bike Perfect has been hunting down the deals so that you can replace your old faithful helmet with a new shiny head protector. Check out our pick of the best mountain bike helmet deals currently available or if you want to have a hunt for a cheap MTB helmet yourself we have put together a list of all the best places to find them.

MTB helmet sales US

Giro Montaro MIPS Helmet | 25% off at Competitive Cyclist
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Was $149.95 | Now from $112.46 
The Montaro comes equipped with all the features you would expect from Giro. Great fit, MIPS and sorted ventilation. There are loads of sizes and colors to choose from. The women's Montaro (opens in new tab) gets the same discount, too.

Sweet Protection Dissenter MIPS | 29% off at Competitive Cyclist (opens in new tab)
Was $119.95 | Now from $84.98 
Sweet Protection specializes in bike protection including kneepads, elbow pads and helmets. The Dissenter is an all-round trail helmet.

Giro Source MIPS Women's Helmet | 25% off at Competitive Cyclist
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Was $129.95 | Now from $97.46 
Deep coverage adds protection and 16 vents help keep your head cool of the trails. There's a great selection of sizes and a couple of colors, too.

Smith Forefront 2 MIPS Helmet | 20% off at Moose Jaw
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Was $240.00 | Now from $192.00
Unlike the most common helmet construction, Smith Forefront 2 uses Koroyd material as a method to absorb impact force.

Leatt DBX 3.0 DH Helmet | Up to 20% off at Moose Jaw
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Was $189.99 | Now from $151.98
Leatt's DBX 3.0 DH uses a Fiberglass ASTM DH certified shell and combines it with its own 360-degree turbine to reduce concussions in a crash.

7 Protection M2 Boa | Up to 30% off at Competitive Cyclist
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Was $99.99 | Now from $69.98
Two different densities of EPS foam are used in the areas which are most prone to impact in a crash, to help dissipate energy. There's full coverage to the temples and back of the head, while a Boa dial makes for easy adjustment.

Lazer Impala | Up to 33% off at Competetive Cyclist
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Was $120.00 | Now from $79.95
Designed for trail riding, the Impala is lightweight and airy. It's full-featured, including a built-in mount for an action camera.

Alternatively, the Impala MIPS (opens in new tab) is also discounted, with prices starting at $99.95.

Specialized Tactic III MIPS | 20% off at Backcountry (opens in new tab)
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Was $100.00 | Now $79.99
The Specialized Tactic III offers good value protection, with a MIPS liner, 4th dimension cooling system and the option to add an ANGi crash detector to alert your contacts that you've had an accident.

Hot deal

Giro Radix Helmet | 37% off at Chain Reaction Cycles
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Was $143.49| Now $90
The Giro Radix gives you robust protection, with great airflow and the benefit of built-in MIPS for added peace of mind and great adjustability from the Roc-Loc retention system.  

Bolle Trackdown | 30% off at Jenson USA
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Was $139.00 | Now from $96.99
With lots of adjustability and progressive shock absorption, a sunglass garage and a three-position visor, the Trackdown is versatile and comfortable.
The MIPS version (opens in new tab) of the Trackdown is also available, discounted to $117.99. 

Fly Racing Freestone Ripa | 20% off at Jenson USA
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Was $109.95 | Now $87.99
A deeper rear section and built-in bug net make the Freestone Ripa a comfortable, well-protected helmet. 19 vents provide good airflow and there's a one-hand dial adjustment out back.

Leatt DBX 3.0 | 35% off at Jenson USA
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Was $169.99 | Now $109.99
We tested the DBX and were impressed with its 360 Turbine Technology that claims a 30% reduction in head impact loads at concussion levels and 40% reduction in rotational G transfer. Discount is available on both Ruby and Black colors

Bolle Trackdown MIPS | 30% off at Jenson USA
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Was $169.00 | Now $117.99
A perfect helmet for all-mountain or enduro riding, Bolle has also used MIPS in this helmet design. If you are a fan of wild colors too, this is the deal for you. 

Giro Tyrant Spherical | Up to 41% off at Competetive Cyclist
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Was $160.00 | Now from $100.00
The Tyrant uses Giro's unique MIPS Spherical design, with a helmet within a helmet, for great protection and a well-ventilated, sliding plane design.

Kali Protectives Alpine Helmet | 25% off at Competitive Cyclist
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Was $150.00| Now $112.50 
Kali's lightest full-face helmet yet, the Alpine features variable density EPS foam and gel pads in the helmet to help absorb more minor bumps. The helmet is still DH certified, but would work well for enduro riders looking for protection without the weight.   

Kask Caipi | 25% off at Jenson USA
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Was $179.25 | Now $134.25
The trail-focused Caipi helmet has Kask's Octafit retention system for some serious adjustability. It's well vented with 22 vents in the shell and has Kask's impact adsorbing polycarbon layer in the top of the helmet to aid in impact absorption. It's available in loads of colors too.

Hot deal

Leatt DBX 4.0 V20.1 | 30% off at Jenson USA
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Was $229.99 | Now $159.99
The Leatt DBX 4.0 includes 360 Turbine technology, designed to absorb impact when you crash. It's also well ventilated, with 22 vents on board to keep you cooler and comes with a magnetic closure system. 

Troy Lee Designs D3 Fiberlite | 20% off at Competitive Cyclist
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Was $249.00 | Now $199.92
Substituting fiberglass for carbon in the shell brings the price down for the D3 Fiberlite helmet, but it inherits its tech from TLD's pricier numbers, including the wind tunnel tested aero profile, to make sure you're getting the max advantage on your fastest runs.

POC Kortal Race MIPS | 20% off at Competitive Cyclist
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Was $249.95 | Now $199.96
Designed to work seamlessly with POC's sunnies and goggles, the Kortal Race MIPS helmet features POC's large rear venting to keep you cool. There's a break-away visor and MIPS liner to augment the helmet's safety on the trail and enduro circuits.

POC Coron Air Spin | 20% off at Competitive Cyclist
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Was $274.95 | Now $216.96
There are loads of safety features built into the Coron Air Spin, including POC's SPIN impact adsorbing tech and multi-density EPS foam lining in a fiberglass shell. Packed into a lightweight, well ventilated helmet, the Coron Air Spin will take you wherever in comfort.

Troy Lee Designs Stage MIPS | 20% off at Competitive Cyclist
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Was $299.00 | Now $239.20
Designed to keep weight low for enduro rides, while still providing downhill levels of protection, the TLD Stage MIPS helmet comes with multiple odor resistant pad sets in different sizes and plenty of venting to keep you cool on your climbs as well as safe on descents. 

Leatt MTB 8.0 | 20% off at Jenson USA
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Was $399.99 | Now $319.99
With Leatt's impact absorption system and the option to fit a neck brace, the Leatt MTB 8.0 has you covered. It includes a removable, washable liner and the visor has a break-away function.

Hot deal

Kask Defender | 25% off at Competitive Cyclist
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Was $595.00 | Now $446.25
A carbon shell keeps the weight of the Kask Defender down, while 18 vents help keep you cool for your downhill, enduro or freeride runs. The Defender is designed for a wide field of vision and comes with premium comfort features like a replaceable air filter and breathable padding.  

MTB helmet sales UK

Met Parachute MCR MIPS Helmet | Up to 31% off at Sigma Sports (opens in new tab)
Was £300.00 | Now from £208.00
Enduro is one of the most demanding disciplines on helmets. They have to be light and ventilated enough for a full day riding but also offer downhill levels of protection. Met's Parachute is a convertible helmet with a removable chin piece so you can get the best of both worlds.

Fox Racing Dropframe Pro | Up to 20% off at Sigma Sport
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Was £180.00 | Now from £144.00
When it comes to the best enduro helmets (opens in new tab), brands are trying a lot of new ideas. Fox's Dropframe fits in among the new breed of ultra-deep open face helmets adding extra protection while still keeping an open face for the climbs.

IXS Trail Evo | Up to 15% off at Wiggle (opens in new tab)
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Was £89.99 | Now from £76.49
With 22 vents, the Trail Evo helps you keep your cool when riding. The ErgoFit system is designed for comfort too and there's a wide range of different colors available. 

Giro Radix | Up to 42% off at Rutland Cycling (opens in new tab)
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Was £94.99 | Now from £55.00
The Giro Radix comes with 25 vents and internal channeling for plenty of cooling airflow. It has all Giro's other quality features, like its Roc Loc retention system, and antimicrobial padding. This matt chalk option is priced down by 42% in all sizes.

Specialized Tactic 3 MIPS | 20% off at Evans Cycles (opens in new tab)
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Was £85.00 | Now £68.00
Even Specialized's low-priced Tactic 3 now benefits from MIPS. It's lighter and airier, thanks to its 4th Dimension cooling system, for increased on-trail comfort.

Hot deal

Oakley DRT5 MIPS | 56% off at Sigma Sports (opens in new tab)
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Was £159.00 | Now £70.00
An Oakley helmet to match your sunnies with a discount at Sigma Sports. The DRT 5 includes a Boa fit system and MIPS protection as well as stowage for those shades.

Bell Sanction helmet| 16% off at Tredz
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Was £89.99 | Now £75.99
If you want a full-face helmet that doesn't break the bank, the Bell Sanction is it. It's lower profile and weighs under 1kg, so it's a good option for less demanding riding.

Fox Speedframe Pro| Up to 45% off at Chain Reaction Cycles
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Was £149.99 | Now from £82.49
With a variable density liner as well as MIPS, the Speedframe Pro is designed for protection and comfort. There's a glove-friendly closure and the helmet is compatible with goggles.

Giro Source MIPS | 20% off at Tredz
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Was £119.99 | Now from £95.99
There's deep coverage, along with good ventilation from its 16 vents in the Giro Source MIPS. It uses Giro's Roc Loc 5 fit system and there's an adjustable screw-in motocross-style visor.

MET Roam | 43% off at Sigma Sports
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Was £150.00 | Now £85.00
Weighing between 325g and 340g, the Roam is light but still full featured, with an in-built goggle edge and adjustable visor so your goggles or sunnies will stay in place. There are 22 vents and you can fit MET's red blinkie to the dial adjuster for extra visibility.

100% Altec | 30% off at Tredz
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Was £139.00 | Now £97.00
The Altec includes 100%'s Smartshock elastomer rotational protection system, while its 15 vents handle airflow well. At a claimed 350g, it's lightweight and of course, there's slotting to stow your 100% sunnies.

Alpinestars Vector Tech A2 | 26% off at Tredz
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Was £135.00 | Now £99.99
The Vector Tech A2 helmet looks the business, with deep side and rear protection and wide adjustability. It's designed for use with goggles and includes a replaceable bacteriostatic lining.

POC Kortal | 41% off at Sigma Sports
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Was £180.00 | Now £106.00
Designed for fast off-road riding, the Kortal is also certified to the Dutch standard for e-bike riding, so it can do double duties. The peak can be pushed up high enough to be out of the way when not needed and has a break-away design to protect you in the event of a crash.

Troy Lee Designs A2 MIPS | Up to 20% off at Wiggle
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Was £150.00 | Now from £120.00
The patented dual foam lining of the A2 MIPS increases protection over conventional EPS foam. There's MIPS too, so you're protected in both low and high-speed impacts. Inside is an X-Static liner that helps prevent odor build-up.

POC Tectal Race Spin (opens in new tab) (opens in new tab)| Up to 41% off at Sigma Sport
(opens in new tab)
Was £200.00 | Now from £118.00
For enduro and trail riding, the Tectal includes aramid bridges for increased helmet rigidity and allowing wider vents for increased airflow. There's deep rear protection and a claimed weight of 340 grams.

Smith Forefront 2 MIPS helmet | 40% off at Sigma Sport (opens in new tab)
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Was £189.99 | Now £114.00
Including a MIPS protection layer, the Forefront 2 include's Smith's Koroyd crushable protection layer, which provides more impact absorption than EPS foam. The three-position visor makes for great adjustability too.

MET Parachute | 43% off at Sigma Sports (opens in new tab)
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Was £200.00 | Now from £115.00
At a low price for a full-face helmet, the MET Parachute is available in all sizes except small with a third off at Rutland Cycling. At a claimed weight of just 700g, it won't weigh you down on climbs, but is still fully featured for safety on the way back down.

Bontrager Blaze WaveCel Helmet | 30% off at Evans Cycles
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Was £199.99 | Now from £139.00
The Wavecel layer in the Bontrager Blaze provides a protective layer that collapses in an impact, helping to protect your head. The Blaze is available in several colors at this price from Evans Cycles.  

Troy Lee Designs A3 MIPS | Up to 41% off at Sigma Sports
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Was £200.00 | Now from £119.00
For the enduro rider, the A3 MIPS offers loads of protection without the bulk. Designed for high and low-speed impact protection, it includes shear-off visor screws and a deep rear section, along with plenty of venting.

Hot deal

Bluegrass Legit Carbon | 53% off at Sigma Sports
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Was £400.00 | Now £188.00
At an impressive price for a carbon shell full-face helmet, the Legit Carbon comes with a raft of high spec features, including a MIPS liner. It's light and vented enough to be comfortable for enduro riders. Sigma Sports also has the non-carbon Legit (opens in new tab) in size XL priced at just £90.

Giro Manifest Spherical| Up to 24% off at Tredz
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Was £249.99 | Now from £189.99
With Giro's MIPS Spherical protection built-in, which separates the helmet into an outer and an inner shell, the Giro Manifest Spherical helmet gives you great protection and really good ventilation that's not impacted by the MIPS layer.

Troy Lee Designs D4 Composite| 28% off at Tredz
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Was £375.00 | Now £269.99
Made from aerospace-grade fiberglass and featuring MIPS, the D4 Composite also includes a collarbone protection system and breakaway visor mounts.

Bell Full 9 helmet| 15% off at Tredz
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Was £424.99 | Now £359.99
Bell's range-topping Full 9 comes fully specced with safety features ported over from its motocross experience. It's fully DH certified and comes with features like magnetic cheek protectors for easy helmet removal in a crash. It ships with a GoPro mount and includes speaker pockets too.

How to choose a MTB helmet

If you are unsure how to choose, check out our guide on how to pick the best mountain bike helmets. Helmets aren't the only piece of protection that you may need on the trails. If your riding involves fast descending then kneepads are a worthy investment to protect a vulnerable area and keep you riding - check out our guide to the best MTB knee pads for those or our best MTB gloves to protect your hands.

Want some new kit to match the new helmet? we have plenty of guides for advice on the best mountain bike jerseys and the best mountain bike shorts.

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