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Garmin Edge 530
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Display size and clarity are often a dealbreaker when choosing the best MTB GPS computers. Garmin’s Edge 530 is designed to meet the ideal requirements of cost, display size and a feature-rich interface.

With a 13% larger display than the 520, at 246 x 322 pixels, you’ll never have to strain those eyes to know where you are going. Garmin has invested heavily to benefit from the latest antiglare screen technologies, enabling the latest-generation Edge 530 to remain clearly legible, even in harsh midday sunlight.

The screen might remain brilliantly legible in direct sunlight, but this head unit is also robust enough for winter riding. Garmin engineers have created the Edge 530’s casing with an IPX7 standard of waterproofing.

Head units work hard for a living and to ensure a smooth user experience and adequate endurance, the Edge 530 is powered by a small but potent lithium-ion battery. Garmin says you should be good for 20 hours of use, which doubles when the Edge 530 is switched to its power-saver mode.

The Edge 530 has ANT+ / Bluetooth connectivity and very intuitive Wifi synching to prevent any frustration with device convergence or data fluidity.

It is no use having great features if the processing power is lacking. Garmin has doubled the speed of its Edge 530 processor to prevent the system from ‘hanging’ when having to recalculate or reroute.

Many mountain bike applications 

Garmin’s Edge 530 has a wealth of valuable features. It will help you integrate training plans with all the popular performance metrics, syncing automatically with TrainingPeaks.

For mountain bikers, there are a collection of beneficial features. Edge 530’s MTB Dynamics will appeal to trail and enduro riders, as it can track data regarding jumps on any descent.

XC and XCO riders will value the Edge 530’s ClimbPro. It immediately recognizes a change in gradient and shows both gradient and remaining ascent distance, on any specific climb, during a ride.  

Mountain bike navigation accuracy can be tricky, with many trails winding off into isolated areas. Garmin uses the scaling of TrailForks and its active community of users to boost the Edge 530’s accuracy off-road.

Beyond its ability to route you along new trails with confidence and support your training plans, the Edge 530 also has excellent safety features. Like many other Garmin devices, the Edge 530 has rider-to-rider messaging to help shepherd a group ride in thickly forested areas with less hassle.

Find my Edge is an emergency location function that helps you recover that Edge 530, if it separates from the handlebar in a crash. The Edge 530 can also signal your location if a crash disables your bike or leaves you injured and unable to ride.

All the features and functionality, and the Garmin Edge 530 only weighs 75.8g – which means you won’t even notice it, sitting atop that stem.

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