Best POC Axion Spin helmet deals this Black Friday

Axion Spin trail helmet
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POC is a renowned name in cycling safety and style. The Swedish brand has a medical methodology to its helmet and apparel design, blending advanced safety features with a unique style to produce some of the best mountain bike helmets.

We have previously reviewed the POC Axion Spin trail helmet and were so impressed by the overall fit and design we awarded it top marks.

If your riding is more focused on committed descents than Strava KOM climbs, the Axion Spin is ideal covering everything from downcountry to light enduro. This helmet is designed to remain comfortable on a long trail ride or linking multiple descents, without sacrificing safety.

With the Axion Spin, POC’s product development team wished to create a hardcore trail or enduro rider’s helmet that could remain comfortable to ride, on a sweltering day.

The core safety structure of POC’s Axion Spin sees extended shell coverage around the temples and lower portion of the head. These are high-risk impact points, for riders who might crash in a berm or ragdoll after misjudging a technical trail feature at speed.

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Beyond the Axion Spin’s extended shell structure, the helmet also has a crash-energy-dissipating feature inside.

The Axion Spin has shearing pads inside to protect riders from the danger of light-impact compound concussions and soft-tissue brain strain. These provide a sacrificial fabric layer to reduce angular forces on the brain when impacting terrain at an awkward angle.

One of the most distinguishing features between conventional XC helmets and those used for trail and enduro riding is the presence of a peak. When you are descending a technical trail, the last thing you want is angled sunlight through a valley, from a ridgeline, messing with your field of view.

An adjustable peak is great for those early mornings or late afternoon descents in technical terrain, where you can benefit from a bit more angular sunlight shielding. But the presence of a peak also has risks.

When you get it wrong and go over the bars, a helmet peak can place too much force on a rider’s neck. To prevent the potential injury risk, POC has engineered the Axion Spin to have a sacrificial peak. In a terrain impact, the Axion Spin’s peak has a low breakaway threshold. This means that it will snap off, before snapping your head back.

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