Best Black Friday POC Resistance glove deals

Best POC Resistance glove deals
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The best mountain bike gloves aren’t only about comfort and warmth. When you put out a hand during a crash, a robust glove reduces skin abrasions and softens the terrain impact.

Safety and riding confidence are two misunderstood elements of riding gloves. Your hands are very exposed to debris and scrubbing tree branches or scrubs, on a narrow trail.

Gloves with a clever design can offer adequate impact protection without feeling like ice hockey mitts. Swedish brand, POC, is a specialist in making mountain bike gear safer and comfy. The POC Resistance gloves are ideal for riders who aren’t afraid of navigating those technical descents.

A glove that is too padded won’t be ergonomically shaped to produce trail feedback through the handlebars. Or allow the correct finger dexterity to trigger drivetrain shifts. Much less brake lever modulation or intuitively operating that dropper post remote. 

To help our readers get the best price, we've set our real-time price checker to round up the best prices on these top-quality gloves, just in time to take advantage of the Black Friday cycling clothing sales. 

With the Resistance range, POC has designed a glove that prioritizes feel. The fabric panels and stitching are shaped, cut, and joined to allow maximum finger freedom.

Silicon print on the brake fingers gives you greater confidence when activating those calipers on a steep or wet descent.

Ventilation is provided by perforations on the palm, keeping your hands from becoming uncomfortably moist during a long ride.

Do you need to clear that nasal drip on a rainy ride or when your allergies are triggered by environmental factors in a dense forest or grassy plain? That is where the POC terrycloth nose wipe insert on the Resistance glove thumb, is terrifically convenient at wiping off any facial hygiene issues.

Comfy and terrifically light, at 43g, the POC Resistance glove is easy to put on, or pull off, thanks to a simple silicone pull-tab cuff.

These gloves are available in five sizes, from XS to XL.

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