Best Black Friday POC Resistance Pro DH glove deals

Best POC Resistance Pro DH glove deals
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Swedish cycling safety apparel brand POC is known for its innovative helmet technology.

But if you need a robust enduro or downhill riding glove to match your POC gear, the Resistance Pro DH mitts are some of the best mountain bike gloves.

These gloves represent that very Swedish approach that POC has to design. Safety and comfort are threaded throughout the stitching and fabric choice to create a glove that is easy to ride all day and will reduce injury risk if you get it wrong.

You grip the handlebar with a lot more intensity on a descent, and to prevent palm numbness, POC places silicons pads on the grip surface of its Resistance Pro DH.

The finger and knuckle sections feature more scruff-resistant fabric too. When you are threading through a tight section of forest singletrack, the Resistance Pro DH gloves won’t tear to ruin if you do brush some overgrown.

We've rounded up the best prices on these well-renowned gloves just in time to take advantage of the Black Friday cycling clothing sales.

Mountain bike gloves with a great ergonomic design should make you feel like you aren’t wearing any. POC’s fabric specialist ensures that the most appropriate cuts and sections of material are used to construct the Resistance Pro DH gloves, delivering great finger flexibility.

After all, it's no use having a glove that can protect your hand if it is too constraining and doesn’t allow dextrous pressure on the brake lever, or other handlebar controls.

Thermal management is another crucial aspect of rider comfort when wearing gloves. Wrapping your hands around a handlebar leaves little room for airflow or breathability, but POC solves this with a ventilated palm area.

Downhill and enduro riders have a much greater crash risk than milder trail riders. The Resistance Pro DH is designed to minimize hand injury in the event of a crash. Impact-absorbing VPD pads are present on the knuckles and little finger, reducing the trauma of ‘punching’ trees, when you overshoot a braking zone or straight-line an apex.

Despite having such an array of robust rider protection features, the Resistance Pro DH gloves only weigh 78g. 

Comfortable. Airy. You won’t even notice riding with them on. But they’ll protect you when things go wrong.

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