Best Black Friday Specialized MIPS Ambush ANGi deals

Best Specialized MIPS Ambush ANGi deals
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Mountain bike helmets have evolved a lot in recent years. Whereas the first mountain bike helmets were merely repurposed road bike items, the best mountain bike helmets of today mean riders can choose a helmet with much greater coverage, recognizing the unique terrain dynamics and crash risk, of riding singletrack.

Specialized’s MIPS Ambush ANGi has a design that manages to balance ventilation with the need for crash coverage. Industrial engineers at Specialized have worked to shape the Ambush helmet with extended coverage, that protects the base of the skull.

Supporting the crash safety rating of this Specialized trail helmet is its MIPS slip-plane liner. As part of the helmet’s inner adjustment and comfort materials, the MIPS liner reduces the rotational brain risk, of awkwardly angled impacts with the ground.

Having all that protective structure (inside and out) is great, but riders still require adequate ventilation when climbing steep trails, on hot weather rides. This is where the Ambush’s internal vent ports prove their worth.

Even with the best possible ventilation, your head will perspire. And Specialized prevents the annoying and sometimes painful sting of sweat running into your eyes, with the Ambish’s gutter brow – channeling sweat away from the eyes.

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One of the most recognizable features of any true trail helmet is its visor. When you are riding deep in a valley, and round a corner, the last thing you want to experience is blinding sunlight being projected off a ridgeline, into your field of view.

With its micro indexing visor, Specialized’s Ambush allows each rider to find the perfect shading angle, with a personalized visor setting. The micro indexing is also faithfully secure, preventing visor sag when descending technical terrain.

Ambush ANGi has many standout features. Ample crash coverage, good perspiration management and ventilation. But this Specialized trail helmet’s best quality is how smart it is.

The Specialized product team has embraced technology and equipped the Ambush with an ANGi emergency signaling system. In the unfortunate event of being injured during a crash, the ANGi system will evaluate your movements and recognize that you need assistance. It will then signal for help, using your phone.

Specialized’s ANGi system has a countdown, allowing riders to intervene and stop the emergency signal and their location, being dispatched. But for those heavy crashes, where you can’t call for help, a Specialized Ambush helmet equipped with ANGi will do it for you.

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