Best Vittoria Terreno Dry gravel tire deals this Black Friday

Best Vittoria Terreno Dry gravel tire deals
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Gravel bike tire theory is complex. With a smaller casing size than traditional mountain bike tires, you need to carefully evaluate the best gravel bike tires tread blocks patterns, and how they will influence riding performance. Thankfully, we've done the hard work for you and pulled out a selection of deals on Vittoria's Terreno Dry gravel tire - just in time to take advantage of the Black Friday mountain bike deals.

With gravel bikers becoming more adventurous in their route selection, tire designers have responded with a new generation of gravel rubber. The product destiny is to deliver gravel bike tires that roll fast, but have a confident grip when leaning the bike or pulling on those brake levers for deceleration.

Vittoria’s Terreno Dry is a choice example of this contemporary gravel bike tire design. It looks beyond the legacy of fast-rolling mountain bike tires for its tread block pattern. Instead of merely trying to shape faster-rolling mountain bike tires, with trimmed tread blocks.

The differentiating design feature of Vittoria’s Terreno Dry tire is its ‘fish-scale tread pattern. Most of the tire’s contact patch has a series of low-profile hexagons. These deliver close to the speed of a slicked tire, but retain an adequate amount of edging to assist with braking and cornering.

For every few hexagon tread blocks, there is a relief hexagon shape. These add some depth to the pattern, with mud-shedding characteristics.

With Vittoria Terreno center tread being fast-rolling and self-cleaning, the tire has intermediary shoulder blocks, that help transition to larger edge tread blocks. 

The Terreno has adequately sized shoulder tread blocks to support rider weight and provide predictable steering feel when you lean that gravel bike on a fast fire road descent. The Vittoria Terreno’s edge blocks are also siped, allowing them to shape with stony and rocky terrain, clawing for surface grip when you are cornering.

Beyond its effective tread pattern, the Vittoria Terreno is also available in a range of sizes. Gravel riders are transitioning to larger tires, as more frame manufacturers spread the rear triangle and fork legs a bit wider, to accommodate the demand for larger tires.

Larger tires have better ride quality, thanks to their ability to run at comparatively lower tire pressures. They also have a bigger contact patch, for improved braking and cornering.

Vittoria produces the Terreno in sizes up to 650bx47c and 700x38c.

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