Best Black Friday Zipp 3Zero Moto mountain bike wheel deals

Best Zipp 3Zero Moto deals
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Not all carbon-fiber mountain bike wheels are created equal. Differences in layup and rim shape have an enormous effect on how the best mountain bike wheels will respond to the terrain.

All carbon-fiber specialists chase a perfect blend of compliance and durability to create a rim structure that will respond dynamically to load and terrain undulations when you are rushing downhill on a technical trail.

If a carbon-fiber wheelset is too stiff, it risks deflection. This creates that horrible pinging sensation where the terrain is steering you, instead of allowing rider input to execute line choice. Too soft and it will wallow in corners and lack precision.

Zipp’s 3Zero Moto wheelset is designed to be tough yet incredibly responsive to lateral forces and inputs, and we've used our deal checker system to round up the best prices, just in time to take advantage of the Black Friday wheel deals

Although Zipp is best known for its aero road and gravel wheels, its committed team of mountain bike category specialists created something different with the 3Zero Moto wheels.

The secret is a single-wall carbon-fiber structure. Most carbon-fiber rims have a ‘box section’ design, but some meticulous engineering and prototyping allowed Zipp to perfect a single-wall design.

Does it make a difference on the trail? When we tested the 3Zero Motos we found they offered a noticeable improvement in terms of compliant rim character. It wasn't just the increased levels of impact suppression, but also the ground-molding grip and target-fixated tracking that came along with it.

Beyond the clever rim design, the 3Zero Moto wheels are a predictable specification. The internal rim diameter is 30mm to provide plenty of support to large enduro tires and both 27.5- and 29-inch sizes are in the portfolio.

Spinning these 3Zero Moto wheels are Zipp’s latest ZM2 hubs. These German-engineered hubs feature no less than 132 points of engagement, with 12 pawls managing rear hub engagement.

With an advanced carbon-fiber rim structure and rapidly engaging hubs, the 3Zero Moto wheels are ideal for trail and enduro riders who value a lot of trail feedback.

Zipp knows that fashion matters, even for enduro riders. The 3Zero Moto wheels are available in eight graphic options, with a specific colorway running the full-rim diameter.

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