Best PNW Rainer 3 dropper post deals this Black Friday

Best PNW Rainer 3 deals
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The dropper seatpost has been a breakthrough component for mountain bikers. Enabling on-demand center of gravity adjustment, the best dropper posts transform rider confidence when descending.

Having a dropper makes you a safer and faster rider. And able to exploit the full potential of your mountain bike’s frame geometry and suspension technology.

Droppers are great, but finding the exact length for what you need, can be tricky. Most droppers are stealth routed, with the trigger cable exiting the bottom of the seat tube. That can present a problem with insertion depth.

Guessing exactly how long you can go with your dropper post, for a specific frame, is challenging. But PNW’s Rainer 3, displaces all that component matching anxiety.

The Rainer 3 is a slick dropper seatpost available in all four seat tube diameters and a range of travel settings. But best of all: it is internally adjustable. And you don’t require any propriety tools or DIY bike servicing talent to adjust the travel of your Rainer 3.

PNW offers the Rainer 3 in four stroke lengths: 125-, 150-, 170- and 200mm. And each one of these can be travel reduced by 30mm, in 5mm increments. PNW’s adjustment mechanism is a simple slide bushing.

The clever bit of this adjusting system is how it allows you to buy a dropper that could be theoretically too long for your frame’s seat tube. After installation, all you need to do is trim the Rainer 3’s travel a bit, creating the perfect dropper post length for your ride.

Beyond its adjustability, the PNW Rainer 3 also features a weatherproof sealed air cartridge to keep it running reliably through the wettest winter conditions.

Matching the Rainer 3, is an array of handlebar remotes from PNW. Not only can they be finished in some fetching colors to match your frame or riding attire, but they are wonderfully ergonomic, too.

PNW’s Rainer 3 matching remotes allow intuitive thumb movement and slick configuration with your dropper’s remote trigger, on a handlebar crowded with controls.

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