Best RockShox Reverb AXS deals this Black Friday

Best RockShox Reverb AXS deals
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The dropper seatpost has become an indispensable component for contemporary mountain bikers. And RockShox has been making the best dropper seatposts longer than most, since 2011 in fact. The American component brand can claim to have truly popularized the dropper post with its Reverb AXS dropper.

RockShox’s latest evolution of the Reverb is a wireless AXS version. As part of a revolution in mountain biking, where electronic technology makes all things mechanical even better, the AXS dropper foregoes any traditional trigger cables.

The wireless Reverb AXS reduces weight and makes that boutique mountain bike build even easier without being directly tethered to the handlebar remote. Reducing the annoyance of cable porting, the AXS dropper delivers that slick and uncluttered finish.


There are an array of benefits to having wireless actuation. Each drop and return motion is precise and consistent. Unlike a cable-operated dropper post, which can have varying responsiveness, the AXS dropper is terrifically predictable and smooth depending on cable strain.

If you frequently ride tight singletrack forest trails, you’ll know the risk of snagging a cable on branches. With the Reverb AXS, there is no risk of having a dropper post cable rip.

The precision of wireless actuation has inarguable appeal, but how long does the Reverb AXS dropper last, on a single battery charge? RockShox says you’ll have 40 hours of consistent operation,

RockShox offers a generous range of stroke lengths and sizes with the Reverb AXS. You can have it as a compact 100mm making it one of the best short-travel dropper posts for XC riding, a 125- or 150mm for trail mountain biking, or the enduro-appropriate 170mm option.

The Reverb AXS is available in a choice of three seat post sizes: 30.9, 31.6, 34.9mm.

All dropper posts require maintenance. But if your Reverb AXS is feeling a bit squishy, instead of operating with a smooth stroke, there is a vent valve to purge some oil and air contamination in the post, without having to do a full service.

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