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Endura mountain bike clothing range: specs, prices and more

Endura mountain bike clothing
(Image credit: Endura)

Endura mountain bike clothing started in Scotland in 1993 and immediately forged a reputation for creating gear with practical trail-bred features and stand-out durability. Over the years it has also expanded its line into serious performance kit as well as helmets, body armor and clothing-care products. Famous riders such as Danny MacAskill, the Athertons, Hazzard Racing and Kriss Kyle add top-level development feedback to boost Endura’s massive in-house experience and joining the Pentland Clothing group has given it access to a whole new level of R&D data. Most of its key items are available in women's and kid's-fit options and colors. 

Endura is also conscious of its environmental impact. The brand announced that it planted over one million trees in the past year and has set a goal to become CO2 negative by 2024.

Practical durability and value across different rider groups and product families are still the core of its connection to Endura fans all over the world.

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Endura MTB clothing range

Endura MT500 Jacket

(Image credit: Endura)

MT500 Waterproof Jacket II

Feature-packed jacket for foul-weather riding

Sizes: XS-XXL | Material: EXOSHELL60 | Colors: 4

Fantastic practical cut and features 
Excellent breathability enhanced by extensive venting
More durable, comfortable fabric
Trousers, Onesie and women’s fit options
Slightly bulky for carrying and previous version was more breathable

If we’re honest we always used to gravitate towards Gore when it came to proper weatherproofing,ut the Endura MT500 was a real revelation when we tried it. Its top-performing waterproof jacket also gets a new fabric for a softer, more mobile feel and even better durability this year.  b

The thin membrane ExoShell 40 DR cloth gets a durable DWR coating and soft mesh inner layer to wick sweat to the shell and prevent a cold clammy feel when you stop climbing and start descending. While it breathes impressively well already, massive double-ended side zips and mesh-backed front pockets make manual heat/sweat management super easy even with a backpack. Reinforced, silicon gripper-enhanced shoulders mean that your backpack won’t climb onto your helmet on vertical descents or wear a hole in your jacket over time either. 

A highly evolved fit including stretch panels means no restriction of movement and room for layering without blowing up like a sail in a gale. Practical detailing is class-leading too, with decent-sized chest pockets, a hidden internal pocket and a lift pass pocket on the sleeve. The full-sized hood gets cord locks to keep it close to your face in sleet but stows away neatly while the extended cuffs have a lycra inner cuff for warm glove docking and a broad velcro strap for sealing. Reflective and embossed logo details give it a real premium feel. The MT500 comes in four muted colors for men and two more for women. If you want full-weather protection there are matching trousers or the impregnable MT500 onesie which has been our go-to winter testing solution for the past two years. 

Extensive features and the new lining does increase pack size though and it’s worth noting that the 2019 jacket is actually more breathable if you’re looking for the best sweat-shifting performance around.

Endura MTR Shell Jacket

(Image credit: Endura)

MTR Shell jacket

A light and airy shell for fast-paced riding

Sizes: S-XXL | Material: ExoShell40 | Colors: 3

Full head to hem waterproofing thanks to detachable hood
Excellent breathability and low weight
Flap free stretch fit and super compact pack size
No pockets or vents

This shell jacket is a perfect example of what the MTR range is about. Superlight ExoShell40 fabric keeps water out for an impressively long time, and most importantly, for fast-moving riders, it wicks sweat really fast to keep you dry and comfortable inside. The snug fit includes stretching shoulder, cuff and side panels so there’s no flapping. You can detach the hood to minimize pack size and there’s a packing loop to parcel it up for pocketing. There’s an MTR Spray Pullover ($160 / £129.99) which mixes ExoShell40 on the leading edges with a stretchy showerproof rest of body and a half zip for minimum weight and pack size.

Endura Singletrack Softshell II

(Image credit: Endura)

Singletrack Softshell II

The Singletrack Softshell II technical hoodie performs on and off the trail

Sizes: S-XXL | Material: 3-Layer softshell fabric | Colors: 3

Impressive weatherproofing boosted by full hood and adjustable hem
Works great on the bike and still looks fine off it
Fabric priorities warmth and protection over maximum breathability

Endura calls this the superhero of hoodies and it’s been a favorite in its lineup for years. The tough windproof soft-shell material gets DWR waterproofing to shrug off showers and stays warm when wet anyway. Extended sleeves, an adjustable hem and hood stop drafts but the casual styling and hand pockets mean it doesn’t look weird on the street. There’s another inside pocket with a headphone hole for valuables and vibes.

Endura MT500 Burner Jersey II

(Image credit: Endura)

MT500 Burner L/S Jersey II

Reinforced against the rough and tumble of life on the trail

Sizes: XS-XXL | Material: Polyester | Colors: 3

Top performance shirt with extra crash/wear and tear protection
Excellent value
Slightly heavier than normal

Most of us pick riding shirts by brand or logo but the MT500 Burner jersey has always stood out as a smart choice for riders on the ragged edge. Shoulder and sleeve reinforcement let you clip trees or take a slide down the trail without trashing your shirt or the skin underneath and it’s roomy enough to pad up underneath without arm pump. Fast-wicking material keeps you drier when your heart’s pumping and silicon print on the shoulders will keep backpack bounce in check, too.

Endura BaaBaa blend baselayer

(Image credit: Endura)

BaaBaa blend baselayer

A well cut merino baselayer to keep the body warm and comfortable

Sizes: XS-XXL | Material: Merino | Colors: 3

Sheep friendly comfort and warmth even when wet
Durable, versatile and excellent value
Takes longer to dry than a synthetic base

Like any outdoor clothing company worth its salt, Endura does a range of baselayers that suck your brackish bodily fluids off your skin and into the air to leave you dry and comfortable. These range from kinky summer fishnet vests to a 3D-ribbed, mesh-back strip ‘engineered’ base at an excellent value. The one we absolutely love is the BaaBaa blend, which uses machine-washable non-mulesed (Google ‘mulesing' by all means, but only if you’re prepared for painfully skinned sheep buttocks) Merino for a super-soft-against-the-skin feel. On the bike, it stays warm when wet and doesn’t harbor stink like a synthetic base layer, and off the bike, little touches like the faux leather hem tag mean you can pass it off as a normal top. They’re machine washable and last really well in terms of shape and wear and tear making it excellent, versatile value. 

Endura Singletrack Suit

(Image credit: Endura)

Singletrack Onesie

Full-body protection from the worst trail muck is now more affordable

Sizes: XS-XXL | Material: ExoShell20 | Colors: Unconfirmed

Gap-free head-to-toe clean and comfortable underneath’ smugness whatever the weather
Decent breathability boosted by big side ‘air-con’ vents
Less fancy fabric and stretch fit features than the MT500 II version but it’s half the price

We have to admit we’ve only seen this and not worn it yet, but after living in the MT500 version for the past two winters, we’ve made sure we’re first on the sample list. At a penny under $300/£200, it’s still a lot of money, but it’s half the price of the MT500 onesie. It gets the same half-jacket design for maximum splash protection at the back with mobility at the front. There’s a ‘grown-on’ storable hood and it’s fully seam-sealed to stop leaking. The ExoShell20 fabric gives a soft, comfortable feel with reasonable waterproofing and you can boost breathability with the big armpit/side vents. You get a zippered chest pocket and two handwarmer pockets, but the best thing by far is the massive sense of smugness you’ll have from knowing you’ll finish the filthiest rides (on- or off-road) totally clean and comfortable underneath.

Endura MT500 Spray trousers

(Image credit: Endura)

MT500 Spray trousers II

Endura MT500 Spray trousers are robust and not afraid of a little wet weather

Sizes: XS-XXL | Material: Waterproof softshell fabric | Colors: 2

Essential rear rinse protection with better breathability and durability than full waterproofs
Excellent fit with easy movement even over pads
Critical area reinforcement for high-mileage survival
Not fully waterproof and get heavy when soaked through (but stay warm)
Increased butt sweat if it’s not wet

If you don’t want to go full onesie or full waterproof then the MT500 Spray Trousers II combine colonic irrigation protection with excellent breathability, durability and warmth for dirty-weather riding. The fully waterproof seat panel is the main misery saver in the wet but they’re completely DWR coated for shower proofing and soft lined to remove the sweat and rustle of normal waterproof trousers. 

Zippered thigh vents are surprisingly effective for cooling on climbs and long-zippered ankles make them easy to pull on and off. They’re properly tough, too, with a double seat and reinforced ankles so our samples are still going strong after two years of very regular use. The fit is excellent with an adjustable waist, plenty of stretch panels and enough room in the knees for full-size pads so you can comfortably bike park or backcountry all day. Add poppers for attaching Endura’s Clickfast liner shorts and zippered hand pockets for valuables and they’re cracking value too. If you don’t need full legs the Spray Baggy shorts are $119/£79.99.

Endura also does a range of different weight and fit waterproof trousers and shorts, such as the Primaloft insulated ‘Freezing Point’ trousers or the snug fit MT500 DH Burner pant. 

Endura Singletrack bib liner II

(Image credit: Endura)

Singletrack bib liner II

Singletrack bib liner's offer all day bum comfort with ample storage for the bagless riding dream

Sizes: XS-XXL | Material: Polyester | Colors: 1

Cargo skin shorts with added back protector/bladder pocket
Quality pad and excellent cut
High pockets are hard to reach

There are more and more cargo liner shorts jumping on the bandwagon after being popularized by Specialized and its SWAT shorts, but these Endura ones go a step further for extra storage. The company first used the full-back/almost skinsuit design on MT500 ‘bibs’ years ago, but these are much lighter, see-through, fast-wicking fabric that’s definitely best hidden under baggy shorts. They’re vertical Clickfast compatible for height adjustable fastening to your baggies, and they get the latest 500-series pad for day-long comfort. As well as three normal back pockets, there’s an extra-long sleeve for a bladder or spine armor so they’re great for endurance and enduro riders, not just minimalist racers. Our only complaint is that while high-set pockets mean no interference with the waist of your shorts, they can be hard to reach, especially when riding. 

Endura Singletrack III

(Image credit: Endura)

Singletrack short II

Well fitting shorts that are tough enough for all trail duties

Sizes: XS-XXL | Material: Cordura | Colors: 4

Bombproof, knee-pad friendly trail short that’s still comfy all-day
Useful pockets and ventilation for cargo and comfort
Excellent value considering all the features
Go for the ‘Lite’ version for a lighter, stretchier pedal prioritizing feel

Our favorite Singletrack short features a mix of hard-wearing nylon and large stretch panels with double stitching in key areas, which make them seriously tough in a slam without awkward dragging or bunching in the fit. The wicking waistband also gets velcro adjusters and a double-press stud fixing for post-lunch paunch security. There are zipped hand and phone pockets for on or off the bike use and zippered thigh vents if you start overheating on climbs. Alternatively, go for the Singletrack Lite short which is an entirely lightweight four-way stretch fabric with fewer zips and available in standard or ‘short’ lengths if you want to go Euro-style.

Endura Humvee Short II

(Image credit: Endura)

Humvee 3/4 short II with liner

Heavy-duty riding shorts for those that don't like to show any knee

Sizes: XS-XXL | Material: Nylon mini-ripstop fabric with DWR finish | Colors: 7

Super tough cycle courier inspired design that works great anywhere
Comfortable fit with venting for heat and DWR coating for showers
Tons of storage to load up your legs
Tons of features make them heavy

Three-quarter length shorts might be a fashion disaster on the street these days, but Endura’s staple knee savers are still going strong and work great on the bike for all sorts of reasons and most seasons. The heavy-duty ripstop nylon fabric with seamless seat insert will last for years (ours certainly have) and they protect well if you take a spill. There’s still enough room in the adjustable, pre-bent cut knees for a slim pad and a mesh back prevents them from getting too sweaty. There are vents on the legs for summer and a DWR coating for showers. Hand pockets, cargo pockets and massive map pockets on the back of the legs make them a proper workhorse and they come with a basic but bearable Clickfast liner which makes them a proper bargain. There are standard length and stripped-down Lite versions of the Humvee too if the 3/4s aren’t your bag(gy).

Endura Singletrack Windproof glove

(Image credit: Endura)

Singletrack Windproof glove

Endura's classic Singletrack glove now with extra warmth and windproofing

Sizes: S-XXL | Material: Windproof softshell backhand and Synthetic leather palm | Colors: 3

More weatherproof than the standard glove without losing any control
Useful snot and shrubbery fighting features
Not smartphone screen compatible

The Endura range has a glove for every subset of every season and for every type of riding, but we’ve been wearing these new Windproof versions of its classic Singletrack gloves a lot this winter. The softshell material adds noticeably more warmth than the normal Singletrack when it’s wet and windy, but the synthetic leather palm still gives excellent trail feedback. Silicon detailing on the palm and braking fingers increase wet-bike control. Neoprene outer knuckles and small rubber segment ‘armor’ give a bit of branch/bush-punch protection and the velcro closure on the 3D-formed neoprene cuff is rubber reinforced, too. They’re not smartphone compatible for instant singletrack selfies or taking emergency calls when you’re shirking from home but the whole thumb features Terry toweling. 

Endura MT500 Plus Overshoe II

(Image credit: Endura)

MT500 Plus Overshoe II

The only overshoe designed specifically for flat pedals

Sizes: S-M, M-L, L-XL | Material: Neoprene | Colors: 1

Proper winter protection for flat shoes and pedals
Check your shoes fit first

The standard rubber and neoprene MT500 overshoe has been a benchmark for warm winter foot protection for years, and the latest version is even more rugged than ever. The Plus stands out as the only overshoe designed specifically for wearing with flat pedals and shoes though. That means a full cutout over the pedal contact area, but also aggressive tread under the toe and a wider fit than normal to match with most flat shoes. Double velcro fastening up the back makes them easy to get on and off too. 

Endura Humvee Waterproof socks

(Image credit: Endura)

Hummvee Waterproof socks

Endura Hummvee socks put a stop to soggy toes

Sizes: S-M, L-XL | Material: Porelle™ membrane | Colors: 1

Proven protection updated for a better, slimmer fit
We’ve not tried them yet so we don’t know how warm they are

The original Humvee waterproof sock has been a big success, and we’ve certainly had warmer and drier feet since we got our set. Endura is not resting on its laurels though but pushing ahead with a totally new design. This uses a much more engineered knitted fit for a properly snug feel from the three-layer, stretchy-membrane construction. They’re unpadded to make them compatible with normal shoes so you don’t have to go a size bigger for winter and they come in long or short versions depending on what depth of puddle you’re in to. We haven’t had a chance to try them yet so we don’t know how warm they’ll be, but you can always size up anyway and stick some liner socks underneath.

Endura MTB protection range 

Endura MT500 full face helmet

(Image credit: Endura)

MT500 full-face helmet

For full-on DH riding

Sizes: S/M, M/L, L/XL | Material: EPS foam, Koroyd honeycomb | Colors: Black, green, orange

Good front airflow 
Fair price
Small and tight sizing 
Overall hot 

Endura's MT500 full-face helmet uses EPS foam and a Koroyd honeycomb matrix to create an angular helmet meant for full-on downhill riding. As Endura has used Koroyd rather than a traditional EPS liner the helmet manages to meet all DH safety requirements but at a lighter overall weight.

Our testers found that the helmet fits on the smaller side, with tightness being an issue for some. Although there is good frontal airflow, breathability is not the best, so this is probably a helmet that's better suited for the DH park rather than enduro laps. On the plus side, there is a FidLock magnetic buckle rather than fiddly D-rings and the visor offers great sun and rain protection.

Endura MT500 Helmet

(Image credit: Endura)

MT500 half-shell helmet

Endura's flagship trail helmet

Sizes: S/M, M/L, L/XL | Material: Koroyd technology | Colors: Black, white

Tons of features
Good looking design 
Meets Koroyd Safety Initiative standards 
Radiates rather than exhausts heat

Endura's flagship helmet is the MT500 half-shell, which is designed for trail and enduro riding. It meets Koroyd Safety Initiative standards for protection and offers heaps of features such as an adjustable peak, anti-bacterial padding, eyewear dock, and a mount for action cameras or lights. 

The Koroyd material used in the helmet absorbs energy in a more linear fashion than traditional foam helmets. When a rider crashes, the material will crush more evenly, which leads to a lower chance of injury, according to Endura. 

In addition, a mesh pattern is visible through the large vents, which provides superior airflow when you're pedaling on warm days. 

Endura Singletrack II Helmet

(Image credit: Endura)

Singletrack Helmet II

A cheaper half-shell trail option

Sizes: S/M, M/L, L/XL | Material: Foam certified to CE Standard EN1078 + A1 | Colors: Blue, red, white

Big vents for good airflow
Cheaper than MT500
No Koroyd technology

The Singletrack helmet is a step down from the MT500 line, but that means it's a more budget-minded item. This helmet does not feature Koroyd technology, but it is certified to the CE Standard EN1078 + A1. 

The main feature of this helmet is ventilation. Large intake vents on the top of the helmet bring in air and promote uniform airflow to keep riders' heads cool making it a better option for trail riding on hot days. 

The Singletrack helmet also offers standard features such as a micro-adjust dial, anti-bacterial padding, and an adjustable visor to stash goggles or glasses.  

Endura MT500 hard shell knee pad

(Image credit: Endura)

MT500 hard-shell knee pad

D30 shock absorbing knee pads that aren't afraid of some pedaling

Sizes: S-M, M-L, L-XL | Material: Custom moulded hard-shell with D3O insert | Colors: 1

Full hard-shell DH protection but still comfy all day
Lite version is better ventilated

The MT500 Hard Shells offer full DH-protection but are well designed enough to pedal in all day. The extended hard cup over the knee adds sharp-edge and slide protection and sits on a larger D30 shock-absorbing pad to disperse impact forces. There’s light PU padding around the outer knee too. The pre-bent fit with extended upper cuff stays in place well even under trousers without having to crank the broad straps up too tight and they come in three different sizes for an accurate fit. Fabric (rather than neoprene) sleeve with full-mesh back prevents them from getting sweaty. If you don’t want the hard shell there’s a D30 loaded ‘Lite’ version with excellent ventilation.

Endura Singletrack knee protector II

(Image credit: Endura)

Singletrack knee protector II

Lightweight knee pads that are easy to whip on and off as needed

Sizes: S-M, M-L, L-XL | Material: Multi layer PU foam inserts | Colors: 3

Comfortable, lightweight whip on and off protection
Not as protective as hard shell or D30 pads

Endura was one of the first brands to provide lightweight ‘trail’ pads while most brands were still just making hard armor for ‘hucking’ (look it up, kids). The latest Singletrack pads use multi-layer memory foam over the kneecap with lighter padding on the sides. Open mesh with Terry lining keeps them comfy when they’re on, and the fully open ‘wrap strap’ design means you can whip them off without taking your shoes off. There’s an extended shin protecting version and an elbow pad too as well as pull-on Lycra sleeve-style Singletrack Lite option.

The Endura range explained


MT500 has been Endura’s super-tough, high-performance product family since the appearance of the legendary Kevlar-reinforced, double skin Cordura/lycra skin shorts in 1995. If it’s reinforced and ready to shred without getting shredded, it’ll have an MT500 label. If it’s properly downhill designated they’ll add the Burner tag as well.


Endura’s MounTainRacing range is its lightest, closest fitting, fastest-wicking clothing for riders going faster and/or further, whether there’s a number on their bars or not. That means it works brilliantly for gravel and adventure riding too.


Endura Singletrack clothing is light but durable for efficient trail riding but with a more generous cut and more affordable price tags than MTR. It also includes lightweight body armor to reflect the fact that the average trail rider is getting more and more aggro as bikes get bigger and faster.


The Humvee range started with pocket and vent loaded 3/4 shorts designed by London cycle couriers and they’re still a staple part of this casually-styled-but-super-practical-and-feature-rich range. Whether you want to rail berms in a Klunkers style ‘Shacket’ or find gear that’ll work on a world adventure but still look okay on the school run, Humvee is where it's at.

Ethics and back up

After 27 years in the business, Endura is making more of its clothing in Scotland than ever before, and it's passionately committed to environmentally sustainable and ethical products using recycled and Peta-approved materials wherever possible. It's been PFC-free since 2018, its packaging is 98 percent recyclable and it's planted over a million trees in the past year. Endura also offers a repair service on all its gear as well as a 90-day returns guarantee if you aren’t completely satisfied.

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